Xavier’s Story

Xavier has always had a taste for international business, and a strong passion for Japanese culture and entertainment. During his days in business school in Paris, he worked part time in the music industry at Roadrunner Records while bringing his personal project to life: an association with the goal to promote Japanese artists abroad.

After finishing his studies, he joined a marketing studies agency in Paris and worked as project manager and a business developer for SFR, Acer, Altadis, and Nokia.  A few years after, Xavier co-founded a project linked with his passions: J-Music Distribution, whose goal was to develop and promote Japanese artists in Europe. This company was the first in Europe to be dedicated to the Japanese music scene and to bring abroad major Japanese artists such as The GazettE, Miyavi, Plastic Tree, Versailles, Kagrra, and Ayabie.

The company developed quickly and embarked on new projects such as J-Music Live (tour management, concerts, booking), J-Music Store (online and pop-up store dedicated to music and merchandising for Japanese artists) and AZN Consulting (a consultancy with marketing services specialized in cross-cultural business).

As the market for Asian music was growing worldwide, the French entertainment company Ankama asked Xavier to join them to develop and carry out J-Music Distribution. From this partnership, the European label Bishi-Bishi was born, and soon became a strong partner to Japanese companies such as Avex, King Records, Up-Front, and Creativeman Productions.

After meeting and working together on a project with Sony Music Japan, Xavier and Stéphane Hervé began to discuss creating and developing a company together. They wanted to share their dreams, combine their skills, and build a strong international network.

That company would eventually become Crosslight Global Entertainment.