Kyoko’s Story

Kyoko leads Crosslight Global Entertainment’s Japanese office as Director of Operations (Japan). She is responsible for business development in Japan, coordination, and on-the-ground operations.

In 2004, Kyoko founded Rueca, Inc., a digital agency that services a wide range of clients, which include corporate brands such as Rie Coffee, Akebono Consulting Firm, Atelier Prism, and more. As head of Rueca, Kyoko has been instrumental in providing direction and planning in web development, public relations, digital marketing, and advertising strategy. From contextual banner campaigns to search engine optimization, Kyoko has overseen a number of digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

In 2012, Kyoko launched Visuami to promote Japanese bands in Europe, producing display advertising at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show for artists such as Angelo, PENICILLIN, and Resent. Visuami also features a webzine that showcases Japanese artist interviews, profiles, reviews, and more; it is serialized in Chinese magazine, Tokyo Pop Communications.