Franck Sorbier x Intel Fashion Show

Event Coordination - Photography - Post-Production - Production Management - Project Management - Video Directing - Video Editing - Video Production

Project Details

  • Client: Franck Sorbier

Crosslight Global Entertainment worked on various Intel-related events and projects, including consulting on the release of the Smart TV and coverage of their European Summit. When Intel decided to collaborate with Franck Sorbier for the release of his 2012 collection, they asked the Crosslight team to “report 2D on a 3D event.”

In other words, Franck Sorbier and Intel decided to go for a fashion show with a technological edge in a live event using 3D mapping on the models’ dresses.

We had to create a B2B presentation of the collection for fashion journalists and buyers. Working as a consultant for Intel and as the supervisor of the shoot, our challenge was to convey the excitement and visual spectacle of light projection onto three-dimensional objects on a 2D video format.

Project Description 

Part of the excitement of the event was the innovative use of live 3D mapping onto the dresses the models were wearing as they walked the catwalk.  Crosslight followed the whole creative process with both Intel and Sorbier, and briefed a team to film with the idea of keeping the sensation of the 3D live feel for our 2D video and photography outlets. We produced an EPK and an international press kit with a photo report.  During the filming and editing, we also had to create different formats: one for their Ecosystem audiovisual organizational system, and one with a more educational direction for the media. Crosslight also coordinated and delivered the official pictures for the press.
Intel had one of their biggest coverage of the year from the French media. The Ecosystem-formatted films were also distributed internationally on various shorter formats at the request of Intel US.